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WindHorse Healing Arts Center, Inc. is on the cutting edge of providing quality alternative healthcare.

A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Windhorse has been providing
services to the Bluefield area since March 2002 with the mission to
create an environment of healing and peace where anyone can receive
a variety of healing arts designed to balance the mind, body and spirit.

WindHorse has provided voluntary community outreach

*As a crisis response team for McDowell County Flood Survivors
donating disaster services to the community

*Community Health Fairs with Healing Arts “Demos”: Bluestone
Health Services, Bland County Medical Clinic, Mercer County
Health Department, Princeton Health & Fitness and Bluefield
State College

*Community events: “Open Barn Day” at Coppercrest
Farm, Wytheville, Virginia (Equine therapy), Altogether Arts
(Community Art Events), Earth Day, Culturefest
Children’s programs: Child Law Services, Learning Day Camp,
Make a Difference Day, C.A.S.E. program for at-risk teens
Educational Seminars on healing arts modalities: Bluefield State
College, Bluefield College, Bluefield Regional Medical Center and
Princeton Community Hospital

*Workshops: Chronic Pain Management and Fibromyalgia, Issues
with Death and Dying, Stress Management, and Pathways to
Inner Peace

WindHorse provides onsite:

*CAM Services by Practitioners at the Center available to the
public regardless of income
*Educational Seminars for stress management including monthly
sound healing, weekly classes on meditations and The Alexander
*Technique training and periodic poetry reading workshops
*Relevant and up-to-date information and referral about various
healing arts as well as upcoming events

WindHorse has provided CAM volunteer practitioners in a variety of
cranio-sacral therapy, massage, reflexology, therapeutic
touch, Reiki, equine therapy, chiropractic care, deep breathing
exercises, diet-based therapies, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation,
Alexander Technique, Watsu (water therapy), progressive relaxation,
counseling, Qi gong, acupuncture, and yoga in an effort to reduce
stress levels of the participants. Thousands of volunteer hours have
been donated for design and coordination of educational seminars
and community events. Additionally, professional CAM providers have
donated over a thousand hours for clients that cannot afford to pay.


Healing Arts professionals create a supportive environment where participants can benefit from a unique three-fold experience:

* Trust-building activities focus on promoting open and lively discussion.

* Based on the workshop topic, transformative concepts are presented and basic techniques are practiced.

* Participants can choose to receive individual sessions from several Healing Arts practitioners.

Several types of workshops are offered:

* Day & Weekend workshops

* Retreats

* Series workshops introduce several Healing Arts concepts and practices over an extended period of time.

Locations vary based on the size of the group anticipated. Fees vary according to the number of sessions in the series.

Healing Arts in the Area

Therapeutic Touch / Yoga
Drumming / Reiki
Watsu/Water Therapy / Expressive Dance
Journaling / Poetry / Acupuncture
Counseling / Therapeutic Massage
Reflexology / Biofeedback
Music/Art / Stress Management
Qi Gong / Iridology
Craniosacral Therapy / Jazzercise

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